10 Gallon Melter Applicator

The 10 Gallon hot pour rubberized crack melters have been designed to heat quicker, heat more equally and out perform all other crack melters on the market. This melter can pay for itself with a medium sized parking lot job.

One Man -€“ One Machine -€“ Thousands of Feet Per Day

  • Direct Fire
  • Fast Melting and Heat Up
  • Can Agitate While Operating
  • Added Heat Shields
  • Precision Pour Spout
  • Precision Spout Control
  • Rounded Interior Bottom for Maximum use of Material
  • Upper End Torch
  • Greater Temperature Control

With the Shoe lever you can raise and lower the spread shoe as required.  This provides greater control on delivering the right amount of filler for the crack.

$1150.00 *
*(Not including applicable taxes (Add 13% HST) and/or shipping.)

We provide crack filler product, product data sheets, and training. Call for details, check out the VIDEOS tab.

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