Sealcoating units can be used for residential driveway sealing, commercial parking lot sealing, and foundations. It can be used to spray RC30, RS1, SS1 along with other asphalt cutbacks.


Each spray system includes:

  • Honda GX 160 5.5 HP with oil alert, 6:1 gear reduction (3yr mfg. warranty)
  • Albany pump  10HB1531 (10 GPM)
  • 100 gal/450 litre** steel tank with internal baffles,  1″ shut-off ball valve
  • OR 1000 L Rigid Plastic Tote, with steel cage TDG compliant, UN Rating 31HA1/Y
  • 100 ft. 3/8 hydraulic hose, with crimped fittings
  • ReelCraft CA32112L hose reel
  • Spray wand with filter screen and brass tips
  • All hoses, fittings and mounting hardware included

* Subject to change, confirm with manufacturer at point of sale.
** Volume Measurements are approximate.

Base Unit

(SS-2 Steel Base Unit)

(SS-1 Tote Base Unit)

Truck Mount Unit

(SS-3 Truck Mount Unit)

The truck mount unit differs from the base unit in its design to be the ultimate space saver. The engine, pump and hose reel are mount directly on top of the holding tank with 1″ rubber isolators. The anti-dampening devices reduce stress to the tank and moving components due to vibration. The truck mount unit saves you space, and is easy to move and store.

Starting at $3899.95, Add applicable taxes/shipping, Price subject to change, Dealer may sell for less

Trailer Mount Unit

(SS Trailer Package)

The trailer unit includes an installed base unit in a 4′ x 8′ utility trailer. The trailer unit has ample storage space for additional equipment, as well as a drop down tail gate with enough room for a walk behind blower or hot pour melter. The trailer allows all of your supplies to be stored together in one compact mobile business. A trailer unit is ideal for advertising your contact information and company name.

Trailer details listed below:

15″€ Tires with 3000 lbs. axle

Heavy duty steel frame with pressure treated flooring

4-pin signal wiring, enclosed tail lights

2″€ trailer ball, safety chains with clips

Adjustable jack stand

New, Used and Demo units available. Call for Details.


SS Mini - portable transport asphalt spray system

The SS-Mini is a portable transport spray system, ideal for various applications.

The system can be dropped off at a location, not restricting a vehicle or trailer to single position jobs. Additionally if seal coating is an add-on/ completion process to other projects, for example landscaping, pool installations or home renovation projects, the unit can be stored away with ease.

Additional design features include:

  • 300L steel holding tank.
  • 50 ft. hose length
  • Heavy duty casters
  • Adjustable tool holder
  • Accessories crib

*All prices subject to change. Call for an accurate quote.

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